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One Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Our Place

We've tried to create a cozy place in the true spirit of pubs in Ireland - where families and friends gather to share lively conversation over a good meal and a drink or two, and to sing along with the music if they care to.  Our guests from Ireland say our place feels like home.  We hope you'll feel that way, too.

Our Travels

Our world-traveler-in-residence, Monica, made her 15th trip to the Emerald Isle in September - leading a group of more than two dozen, many of them our regulars.  She really knows how to do a pub crawl and is already planning the next one!

Photo taken at the Grange stone circle in County Limerick (Sept. 2018)

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Our Mission

We strive to offer all you expect in that true spirit of Irish pubs - a warm welcome when you come in the door, a serving of blarney to go with a proper Guinness pour - and a wee bit more.

We look forward to welcoming you again and again!